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Academy Rendevous by honeycat94 Academy Rendevous :iconhoneycat94:honeycat94 2 2 Hikoro Screenshot by honeycat94 Hikoro Screenshot :iconhoneycat94:honeycat94 0 0 My Tsubasa Desktop by honeycat94 My Tsubasa Desktop :iconhoneycat94:honeycat94 2 0 Tsubasa Screenshot by honeycat94 Tsubasa Screenshot :iconhoneycat94:honeycat94 2 1 Shade The Echidna- Colored by honeycat94 Shade The Echidna- Colored :iconhoneycat94:honeycat94 27 14 Disgaea- Flonne by honeycat94 Disgaea- Flonne :iconhoneycat94:honeycat94 0 3 2000 Pageviews by honeycat94 2000 Pageviews :iconhoneycat94:honeycat94 2 0
Flaming Blossoms-SasuSaku
Those last steps that were meaningless to Sasuke as he stepped towards the Leaf Village exit were heartbreaking to the cotton candy haired girl that watched him go by.
“Hmph, fine, but I lead,” Sasuke said as he gently–and nervously wrapped his arms around her silk-covered waist.
All the shooting stars that grazed across the sky, the silver coins that glimmered at the bottom of the matter how many times Sakura wished, he still never came back.
He always questioned Naruto’s ability as a shinobi, but seemed to wonder about the sweaty feeling he had in his gut when he was near his kunoichi teammate.
When Sakura was practicing her medical justu training, a day never went by without her concern for the yellow haired shinobi that promised to return with Sasuke.
Normally Naruto’s pranks caused havoc, chaos, and possibly angry mobs, but locking both of h
:iconhoneycat94:honeycat94 0 2
Good Night, Sleep Tight.... by honeycat94 Good Night, Sleep Tight.... :iconhoneycat94:honeycat94 0 16 Hikaru Uchiha by honeycat94 Hikaru Uchiha :iconhoneycat94:honeycat94 0 1 Kin Uchiha by honeycat94 Kin Uchiha :iconhoneycat94:honeycat94 1 0 Cuddly Couple by honeycat94 Cuddly Couple :iconhoneycat94:honeycat94 1 1
CEE Chapter 3
Sonic characters and locations belong to SEGA!
As the pair of friends flew in the sleek biplane, the views of the cloud-filled sky amazed Sonic and Tails as they headed towards the exotic and mystical island known as Angel Island, home to their hotheaded friend, Knuckles the Echidna. While Tails was busy keeping an eye on the skies, Sonic still couldn’t help but think about that strange dream he had. Then, as if he had mind reading abilities, the 10 year old kitsune looked back to his blue friend
“Hey Sonic, I don’t know if you want to talk about it or not, but while I was sleeping last night, I heard you groaning and muttering something in your sleep last night about the Chaos Emeralds and “chosen ones”.... is something up?” asked Tails, with slight concern. Sonic quickly snapped out of his current trance and wondered, ‘Should I tell him? Hmm...I probably should; might be better to get it off of my chest.’   “Ac
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SilvAmy-Look Me In The Eyes
Sonic characters and places belong to SEGA, song lyrics belong to Jonas Brothers!
It was a bright, summer Saturday afternoon at Emerald Coast Beach; innocent little children had splash fights in the cool, soothing water, while some of the older citizens sunbathed contentedly on their beach towels. It seemed like everyone could have been the happiest people in the world.... well, except for one person in particular.
About 2 miles away, in the equally beautiful hills of Windy Valley, Silver the Hedgehog sat on the edge of a grassy cliff, looking out to the azure ocean with a slightly depressed look in his pure amber pupils. While everyone else saw this as an opportunity to celebrate the beginning of a better season, the gray hedgehog could only remember this as the possibly worst day of his life: the day he lost his best friend and secret crush, Blaze the Cat.
If the heart is always searching,
Can you ever find a home?
I've been looking for that someone,
I'll never mak
:iconhoneycat94:honeycat94 18 14
50 Sentences-LuffyxNami
# 1-Comfort
At that moment when Nami was feeling helpless against the situation, when her obsidian eyes were overflowing with tears and the tattoo symbolizing membership of Arlong’s crew was doused in blood... the usually goofy straw-hat captain Luffy became sympathetic for the girl, and wrapped his arms around her shoulder, embracing her in a hug.
# 2-Kiss
   ‘Just lock lips with her for at least 5 seconds', piece of cake for a guy like Luffy... but when he had been pushed by Usopp into Nami’s face, lip-first, those 5 seconds had turned into a heavenly 2 minutes for the both of them.
# 3-Soft
The feel of Chopper’s soft, fluffy fur on their bellies spread throughout their resting bodies leaning against each other, back-to-back.
# 4-Pain
“See what happens when you’re impatient for lunch?,” Nami teased as she watched her captain wince and flail in burning hot pain from hungrily putting his hand in a steaming
:iconhoneycat94:honeycat94 2 4
C.E.E- Chapter 2
Sonic and all  characters belong to SEGA!
The Elemental Emeralds are now referred these days as Chaos Emeralds, since they were at first guarded by Chaos and gained negative and positive energy from the Master Emerald, so no one truly knows if those elemental powers still exist. But if someone were to discover these presumed hidden abilities if the emeralds, the results might be explosive.....
“Explosive, you say? My, that could be useful........”  the voice said as it echoed into the night.....
           It was later that same night the famous Sonic the Hedgehog was asleep in a guest room at Tails’s house. While everyone else, even Shadow, slept soundly that night in their beds, the cobalt hedgehog was tossing and turning around nonstop.
‘Ow, my head feels like it’s gonna pop ... but if this is my dream, why would I be thinking of this?’  Sonic thou
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is pro-KuroFai
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Goes under the name "Aqua" in SonicRocksMySocks's Livestream sessions~

Current Residence: My house, duh!
Favourite genre of music: r&b, rock, some rap, jazz, calypso, pretty much anything except most country.
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
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Wallpaper of choice: Sonic characters, Naruto characters, anything mystical
Favourite cartoon character: Shikamaru Nara, Blaze the Cat, Sonic the Hedgehog,Hitachin Twins, Zuko
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Wow, my journal hasn't been updated since November.... yeesh!

Anyways, I've just been keeping up on new dub announcements from Funimation and doing some volunteer work at an animal shelter.

I did go see "The Last Airbender" with my friend, which would have been awesome... if it didn't suck so much!

Also, NEW SONIC VOICE ACTORS!!! I can't believe that they're changing the cast now. I liked Jason's voice as Sonic, but I'll just have to see how the new voice does.…, Eggman's still the same... xP)


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